You have my permission – though you don’t need it!

So often we feel constrained because we haven’t received an approval / ok / blessing from a gatekeeper to move forward in our lives.

Gatekeepers could be bosses, teachers, “experts”, religious leaders, and sometimes even family members.

In today’s world, however, the gatekeeper limitation has been removed.

Technology and culture has empowered everyone to not only have a voice, but discover and master their passions.

I know, because it’s part of my story!

For many years, I struggled to let my voice out.

I was a product of the system – success defined by the majority and not by the results. From attending college and getting a geological engineering degree in 1994 to a 20+ year career in environmental remediation, the success rang hollow.

I have a burning desire to help people:

  • learn about themselves (their personalities, strengths, and skills)
  • discover their passions,
  • dream about the future
  • and then take action steps to make the dream a reality

What I didn’t have was a platform with which to exercise this passion: and it was slowly sucking the life out of me!

I tried to implement coaching and leadership development processes in various organizations for the past 15 years, always meeting with obstacles and resistance to setting people free to do what “they” wanted (trusting that it would result in more engaged, productive, and ultimately – profitable people).

Sadly, this says more about the culture of an organization, but I kept plugging along asking for permission from the gatekeepers since they were the leaders.

Knowing that the coaching and leadership ideas and skills had produced success from the stories of others with similar passions pushed me to dream more, hire a coach myself to experience and learn firsthand from the coaching process…and frustrated me deeply because I couldn’t get permission to move forward.

In 2011 as I continued to sharpen my skills in coaching and leadership development, I ran across a blog post by Tim Schraeder  since removed from the internet.

Titled: “You Have Permission”, the post systematically removed the false boundaries that I had made for myself in believing that I needed a gatekeeper (boss, organization, etc.) to validate my passion and skills before I could implement them.

Have a read and then break down the paper thin walls that are holding you back…you have my permission.  Not that you needed it to begin with!

BTW: I’ve since broken through and am living the dream – making a difference in people’s lives and challenging the status quo – more details to follow in future posts.

Posted on 8/30/2011 – since removed by original author.
You have permission.
You have permission to try new things.
You have permission to explore new ideas.
You have permission to stretch your thinking.
You have permission to make mistakes.
You have permission to fail.
You have permission to do what others said wasn’t possible, or to at least to try and prove them wrong.
You have permission to push the boundaries.
You have permission to think outside of the box. Heck, blow up the box.
You have permission to color outside of the lines.
You have permission to not settle for second best.
Because God has gifted you.
Because God has qualified you.
Because God has already given you everything you already need.
Because God has called you.
Because God has chosen you.
Because if you don’t no one else will.
Because the world desperately needs what God has put inside of you.
Because the world won’t be the same without the unique contributions you have to offer.
Because if you don’t try and fail you’ll never learn.
Because if you don’t learn you won’t grow.
Because you don’t need to wait for permission to live out what God has called you to do.
You have permission to start that project.
You have permission to write that blog post.
You have permission to create that video.
You have permission to paint on that canvas.
You have permission to create something awe-inspiring.
You have permission to be honest and let people see your scars because they will point to your Healer.
You have permission to help the world catch a glimpse of God’s wonder.
You have permission to take your brokenness and let God make something beautiful from it.
You have permission to do the impossible because with God all things are possible.
If it’s something worth doing why haven’t you started yet?
You have permission.